Sex With Cocktails: Confessions of a Frisky Fashion Writer

Meet Virginia George, an up and coming fashion writer working towards her dream of becoming a big-time fashion editor in New York City. Virginia is your average New York young professional with big dreams in fashion with a not so usual past time. When she’s not writing about beautiful clothes, she writes a provocative sex blog called Sex With Cocktails under the pen name ‘V’ where she discusses her sexual experiences and thoughts on female sexuality. After breaking off from an engagement from her college sweetheart, Virginia has been celibate for over a year that has also made it difficult to write on her blog. At a Fashion Week party, she meets the dashing Jonathan Carter, a London-based businessman who owns his own men’s online retailer and fashion celebrity no stranger to the gossip blogs. Things take an interesting turn when she discovers there’s more to Mr. Carter that meets the eye. With a new flame and job opportunity at a prestigious high-end fashion magazine, her life gets a lot crazier than she ever planned.

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Tie Me Up, A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales-large.jpg

Tie Me Up: A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales

B is for bondage in BDSM, and Tie Me Up is the perfect place to explore just that.

The 19 stories in this anthology do not fetishize bondage. Instead, Tie Me Up shows how couples explore it as a sexy romantic option–sexy underscored!

New and seasoned authors fill this anthology with steamy tales that will keep you tied up…unable to put this collection down!

Stories by Salome Wilde * Marie Rebelle * Vita Perez * Cheryl Kaye * Monica Corwin * Oleander Plume * Jane Gilbert * Rafaelito Sy * Del Carmen * Daily Hollow * The Vixen / V. Monet * Mercedes Cruz * Nicole wilder * Kaysee Renee Robichaud * Tabitha Kitten * Annabeth Leong * Janie James * V.C. * Tomio Hall-Black.

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