About Me

Who Is Dana Givens?

Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Cultural Studies, I sought to use my creative talents in the advertising realm creating copy for brands such as Global Brands Group, Viyet.com, and Bluefly. I create engaging content creator for promotional and advertising usage for a variety of marketing brands in the luxury fashion and accessories sector. I am also a contributing writer for publications such as Travel & Leisure, Departures, Vogue, and Thrillist creating content surrounding travel, women’s issues, fashion, culture, and lifestyle.

Who Is V. Monet?

Formerly known as The Vixen, V. Monet is a literary fiction pen name for my fictional works including passionate love stories and climatic contemporary dramas. From a young age, I used my love of storytelling has helped shaped new worlds with dynamic storylines. Her pen name derives from her love of watercolor paintings by Claude Monet and the ‘V.’ is a tribute to her former pen name, The Vixen. For literary works, I mostly write genre fiction including romance/erotica, fantasy/sci-fi, paranormal, and thrillers.